Hospothreads is teaming up with venues so that you, the amazing customers, can drink it forward and buy yourself (or somebody else) a pre-paid tab. Future bonus for you. COVID cash-flow for them.

You know what sucks? Not being able to go to your favourite eateries and bars. It sucks for you because you're stuck in the house, it sucks for them because they're tryingto make ends meet.

With all time you have, why not spend the next 2 minutes buy future you a beer? Or a whole meal. Or maybe buy mate with a suspicious temperature and cough a future beer - they're gonna need it.

All the money goes straight to the venue, hospothreads don't charge a cent, we're run on love.


Choose a venue from this list. We're adding new venues every day.


Select an amount, all the cash goes directly to the venue.


Click the button. Pay. Get an email