Fortunate Son Enmore

Fortunate Son pre COVID-19 was an exuberant, friendly classic neighbourhood bar full of locals singing along to iconic global tracks.

It was all designed around direct warm service - so the design of the space is to have mostly all our guests sat at the bar - where we could chat to and entertain them with our vast experience. After only being open for 14 weeks, we had built an incredible relationships, built new friendships with local business and became the small bar to go to for well engineered classic cocktails, craft beer and a strong affordable Champagne by the glass focus.

During the spacing the locals remained strong and loyal - but eventually we had to say farewell in line with common sense Government protocols. We are now closed with zero income - so to try and survive this situation - we are trying several initiatives. The first of which is our "Let's the Good Times Roll" Tee Shirt. Now available!

We are also launching a unique Takeaway American BBQ - complete with slow cooked Brisket Boxes, tap-beers and fresh bottled cocktails each Friday from 4pm-8pm - or whilst stocks last.



<- that's the artwork. Why wouldn't you?